1/4 of a sine wave as a control shape
32-bit versus 64-bit
3D animation of a MIDI note
A 16-stage note sequencer
A basic chorus effect
A beeping test sound
A demonstration of phase distortion synthesis
A polyphonic phase distortion synthesizer using poly~
A subpatch suitable for use in poly~
A timepoint is a point in musical time
A useful noise gate (ducker) subpatch for rejecting unwanted sounds
A useful subpatch for mixing and balancing two sounds
A variation on the simple envelope follower
A/B audio crossfade
A/B audio switch
A/B video switcher
Abstraction for calculating the Hénon attractor
Abstraction for crossfading between delay times
Abstraction for crossfading delay times of a remote tapin~ object
Abstraction for delay with quadraphonic panning
Abstraction for delay with stereo panning
Abstraction for flanging
Abstraction for hexagonal constant-intensity panning
Abstraction for mixing or crossfading two audio signals
Abstraction for quad panning using x,y coordinates
Abstraction for S-curve crossfading
Abstraction to flange an audio signal
Abstraction to trigger a timed series of bangs
Activate and deactivate parameters for pattrstorage
Add text to video in GL
Addition of sinusoidal tones
Adjust brightness and contrast on a 1-plane char matrix
Adjust image brightness, contrast and saturation
Adjust pitches according to a pitch class set
Adjust the pitch of a comb filter
Adjustable Tempo
Adjusting audio amplitude
ADSR amplitude envelope
ADSR filter envelope
Algorithmic composition with math functions
Algorithmic counting
Alpha masking
Alphablend a videoplane in OpenGL
Alter phase of sinusoid by milliseconds
Alter the speed of an audio file
Amplitude and decibels
Amplitude control in decibels
Amplitude envelope with the function object
Amplitude is inversely proportional to distance
Amplitude modulation and frequency modulation
Amplitude modulation of sinusoidal tones
Animating 2D graphics
Any rhythmic value, with transport
Append data to coll
Apply a texture to a shape in OpenGL
Arpeggiate the harmonic series
Ask if a number belongs to a set
Attributes example
Attributes of jit.qt.movie
Audio amplitude control
Audio cue chooser
Audio in RAM — buffer~ and related objects
Auto-panning MIDI notes
Automate file creation
Automate pitch with bline
Automate sinusoidal MIDI pitchbend
Automated blues "improviser"
Automated countermelody improviser
Avoid groove~ sync output initial jump
Avoiding infinity in pow and /
Bandpass filter swept with a LFO
Base transport tempo on loop length
Basic frequency modulation
Basic linear mapping
Basic movie playing
Basic RAM recording into buffer~
Basic stereo recording into buffer~
Basics of drawing in the lcd object
Bass drum player with swing
Beat divisions with transport
Beating between sine tones
Behringer BCF2000 emulator
Behringer BCF2000 router
Bend image brightness
Bidirectional jit.matrix scroll
Binding a pattr object to another object
Binding objects to each other, and to a pattr
Binding pattr objects between a subpatch and its parent patch
Biquad filter
Blur a float32 matrix
Body tracking with Kinect and Synapse
Buffer shape
Buffer techniques
Bypass video effect
Calculate pitchbend transposition
Calculate the range of rslider
Calculating Doppler shift for moving virtual sound sources
Calculating the mean of each cell of a series of matrices
Capture and play video excerpts
Cause and effect
Centering an image in jit.window
Change color of selected messages
Change color with RGB values
Change hue rotation
Change number box with key
Change of delay time may cause clicks
Change size of a UI object
Change the color of text in a user interface object
Changing Live device parameters with the Live API
Chaos algorithm for choosing pitches
Check movie position
Checkerboard pattern in a matrix
Checkerboard pattern with jit.gen
Choose a random mix of sine tones
Choose from among multiple processes
Choose new movie
Choose one of several sounds
Choose randomly from a list of numbers with table
Choose which video is displayed by jit.window
Choosing one of two signals
Chromatic scale
Circular quad panning
Circular quadraphonic panning
Click resulting from amplitude change
coll simple 'output current' option
Color bit depth in Jitter
Comb filter
Comb filtering
Combine 2 Matrices
Combine items into a single message
Communicate with many pattr objects from a central hub
Compare exponential versus linear speed change to sound file
Conditional timepoint
Consecutive recordings concatenated in the same buffer~
Constant power panning using square root of intensity
Constant power panning using table lookup
Constant-intensity panning subpatch
continually write to and read from a buffer~
Continuous change of delay time causes a pitch shift
Continuous control shapes
Control Slider with Timecode
Control the balance between two channels of audio
Control the volume and rate of a sound file
Controllable movie timeline playbar
Controlling sfplay~ speed with line~
Controlling the range of a set of numbers
Conversion between pitch and frequency
Convert between musical time and clock time
Convert MIDI data into coll format
Converting MIDI pitch to frequency
Converting notes per second to ms and using the Tempo object
Copying one matrix to another
Count numbers and use them to play notes
Count with incdec
Counting and stopping
Create a go board in Max
Create a simple test tone with frequency and amplitude control
Create a sphere in OpenGL
Create a stop motion effect using jit.qt.movie
Create MIDI File
Creating a MIDI trill effect
Creating a window on a sound file
Crossfade and blur movie files using jit.xfade and jit.matrix
Crossfade to new location in a video
Crossfade video and audio
Curve in a transfer function
Customize oscillator behavior
Cycle~ behaviors
Cycle~ phase demo
Dealing with the "symbol" output of coll
Delay a matrix
Delay effect with feedback
Delay effects
Delay Midi Note Input
Delay MIDI note messages
Delay with feedback
Delay with tapin~ and tapout~
Delay with tempo-relative timing
Delaying MIDI notes
Demonstration of crossfading delay
Demonstration of multiple crossfading delay times referring to the same remote tapin~ object
Demonstration of the randomizedmetro subpatch
Detect Changes in jit.matrix
Detect end of video in imovie
Detect MIDI Notes Being Played
Detect pauses in a data stream
Detect the end of a phasor~ cycle
Detect two bangs within a given interval
Detect when a movie has been read successfully
Detect when a video has reached the end
Detect when an audio event occurs
Determine the length of a buffer~
Detokenizing Stream of Numbers
detonate demo
Detuning oscillators in Max
Dial Min/Max Demo
Different number sources using Max
Dim of moviedim
Display a video on a plane in OpenGL
Display a video on a shape in OpenGL
Display changing text in the user interface
Display MIDI input devices
Display randomly chosen frames of a movie
Displaying colors using jit.matrix
Displaying MIDI note values using jit.lcd
DIY ring buffer
DJ-like sample scrubbing
Draw Points on the Circumference of a Circle
Draw random multicolored lines
Draw shapes and text
Drawing an image from a file into lcd
Drawing with sprites in lcd
Ducking when changing delay time
Ducking when changing delay time using tapin~ and tapout~
Dump list into another coll
Duplicate the first item in a message
Dynamic probabilities
Dynamic view of bpatcher
Dynamically hide or show an object one at a time
Dynamically resize matrixctrl range
Easing function for animation
Enable/disable subpatches
Envelope follower with minimal latency
Envelope function without a fixed starting point
Envelope with the function object
Event timing with transport
Expanding vibrato on an ascending glissando
Exponential mapping
Exponential video fade
Extract Indices
Fade audio after a given time under a dB threshold
Filter out too-frequent repetitions
Find the maximum of a jitter matrix column
Fitting text to a window
Flanger effect on sound file
Flanging explained
Flash a numbox on received value
Flashing LED with metro
Flashing picture as a button
FM mix
Formatting messages to use in "forward"
Four videos in one window
Four way audio crossfader
Frequency and amplitude
Frequency and pitch
Frequency modulation
Frequency modulation of sinusoidal tones
Function Demo
Gain factors for quadraphonic panning based on radial angle
Ganging sliders
Generate a burst of audio pulses
Generate a sinusoid with gen~
Generate a window function to use as an amplitude envelope
Generate classic waveforms
Generate MIDI notes
Generate negative random numbers
Generate random numbers within a specified range
Generating a simple 2-operator FM tone
Get column from jit.matrix
Get the mean of many numbers
Get timescale and duration of a movie
Getting a sound sample from RAM
GL alpha blending
GL quad panning demo
Grand Master Fader
Granulation of a recorded sound
Half speed and double speed
Hanning function to control parameters of a sound
Harmonize a single MIDI note
Harmonizer written in JavaScript
Hide or show an object
Highlight a number box
How pack handles the list message
How the adsr~ object works
iMovie demo
Import movie captures into jit.matrix to create a photo booth effect
Inaccuracy in very large float values
Inactivity Ramp
Increase or Decrease a value
Indexing and accessing the bins of an FFT
Initialize a multislider with a sine function
Initialize UI objects
Int and float
Interface for a flanger
Interference between sound waves
Interleave two lists
Interpolation with line or line~
Interpolation with pattrstorage
Interpolation with the function object
Interweave Lists
Introduction to the pattr object
Invert a black and white image using jit.op
Invert Black and White
Invert the pitches of MIDI notes
Irrationally out-of-sync phasors
Isolate a single bin of an FFT
Iterate through elements of a message with a delay interval
Iterate through Polyphonic MIDI files as simultaneous chords with detonate
Jit start
jit.gt.movie loopstart
Joystick to MIDI
Keep pitches of held MIDI notes in a bag
Keeping audio and video synced
LCD Drawing Demo 1
LCD drawing demo 2
LCD in Jitter
Line segment control functions
Line segment control functions
Line segment function as a musical motive
Linear amplitude panning
Linear and exponential
Linear audio crossfade
Linear control function
Linear control signal
Linear crescendo
Linear crescendo
Linear fade-in/out of audio
Linear frequency vs. linear pitch
Linear interpolation of audio
Linear interpolation over time
Linear interpolation to a new value
Linear mapping and linear interpolation
Linear mapping equation (lmap)
Linear mapping of one range to another
Linear mapping of ranges
Linear motion in two voices
Linear note movement
Linear vs. exponential audio fade
List audio cue points
List to 3plane 2D matrix
Live API via JavaScript
Live capture in buffer~
Live capture in sound file
Load and Read Video Files
Load movies
loadbang delay argument
Long term crescendo
Long term function
Look up chords in an array
Lookup table demo using table
Loop points in Quicktime
Major scale up and down
Make a buffer larger than the sample it contains
Make a yes-or-no decision with a given likelihood
Make an elliptical mask in Jitter
Make slider spring back to a designated value
Manage large amounts of conditions
Manage MIDI processing using Gate
Managing audio processing using matrix~
Managing samples in Max
Managing transpositions for sustained MIDI notes
Manipulate object size in presentation mode
Many Unrelated LFOs
Match demo
Math in the slider object
Matrix locations
Max For Live Quantization
Measure time recorded into a buffer
Message ordering in Max
Metronome using General MIDI sounds
Metronome with random perturbations of tempo
MIDI and audio via ReWire
MIDI cc to control umenu
MIDI Control to VST
MIDI Input in Ableton Live
MIDI input objects
MIDI mapping to amplitude
MIDI note off messages
MIDI Scale and Crescendo
MIDI stream to exponential curve
MIDI to Frequency
MIDI to Frequency Math
MIDI to saturation and rotation
MIDI with ProTools
MIDI-DMX conversion
Minimal loops using a portion of a table
Mix two signals (more efficiently)
Mix two sinusoids
Mixed inlets in a subpatch
Mixing and crossfading
Mixing multiple audio processes
Mixing sound of two videos
Mixing two audio sources
Modulated sound
Modulating oscillator
Modulo operator: %
Monitor no change
more MIDIglissando
Motivic "improviser"
Mouse click kslider
Mouseclick Up/Down solutions
Move LCD Pen
Move text across the surface of a sphere
Movie attributes
Moving video using x y coordinates
MSP functions
MSP transport demo
MSP vector to list
Multi-tap audio delay with feedback
Multicolor Subtitles
Multiple delays with stereo panning
Multiple simultaneous tempi using named transports
Multiple times for timepoint object
Multiplication of sinusoidal tones
Multiplying Float Demo
Networking Jitter matrices via TCP
Networking Max messages via UDP
Non-UI version of live.gain~
Note on and off with list
Notify when a certain time has elapsed
Open a sound file and play it
Oscillator bank with Glissandi
Oscillators controlled by cellular automata
Other basic functionality of the transport object
Output bang if two bangs are received at the same time
Output integers from button inputs
Output js object into a function
Output matrix values to a number box
Output the difference between a current and previous value
Output video duration after read
Overly simple MIDI synth
Pack without Pack
Palindrome Counter
Panning between four front speakers
Parse MIDI notes
Pass a certain percentage of bangs
patcherargs output
Phase cancellation
Phase cancellation due to delay
Phase distortion synthesis in a poly~ subpatch
Phasor as control signal
Phasor lookup in cosine
Pitch and loudness formulae
Pitch tracking with sigmund~
Pitchbend using notein
Play a list of notes
Play a movie
Play a movie in Jitter, fade in and out, and jump around
Play a QuickTime movie
Play a QuickTime movie with Jitter
Play a sinusoidal melody
Play a sinusoidal tone
Play a sound file with vibrato
Play a sound from RAM with vibrato
Play a stream of random grains from a sound file
Play audio file with sfplay~
Play chunks of a movie
Play one MIDI note
Play part of a sample using groove~
Play random clips (in reverse) from a RAM buffer
Play random excerpts from a sound file
Play random notes with a cosine tone
Play random video segments
Playing a pattern
Playing a sample from RAM
Playing a sample with groove~
Playing MIDI with the computer keyboard
Playing sound files with a MIDI Keyboard
Plot a point in lcd
Plot a randomly generated envelope curve with a list of (x, y) pairs
Plot an exponential curve
Poly-rhythm generator
Polyphonic granular synthesizer with parameter controls
Polyphonic panned delays with poly~
Polyphonic quad-panned delays with poly~
Polyphony requires multiple objects
Polyphony with multiple copies of a MSP subpatch
Polyphony with the poly~ object
Preload and play sound cues
Preload Sound Files
Present different views of a subpatch
Probability distribution vector
Program changes for multi-timbral MIDI
Providing a full path name
Pseudo-random numbers appear random
qlim timing workaround
QT audio to MSP
Quadraphonic panning based on radial angle
Quadraphonic panning with mouse control and Open GL visualization
Ramp amplitude with number~
Random "one-hand" MIDI note playing
Random access of a sound sample
Random and urn
Random Except Previous Number
Random frames of a video
Random MIDI note delay
Random MIDI pitch offset
Random movie edits
Random note choices
Random numbers without repetitions
Random pitch variation of an oscillator
Random semitone trills
Random video frame leap
Random voicings of a pitch class set
Randomly change color of horizontal bars
Rangeslider demo (rslider)
Rate and interval
Read MIDI pitches from a lookup table
Record an audio file
Record and fragment audio in rhythmic units
Record as long as space bar is held
Record line~ as a series of numbers
Record mater values
Record with fade in and out
Recording to and playing sounds from RAM
Recording to and playing sounds from RAM
Refer to a lookup table remotely
Reference particular plane in matrix
Remove spaces from list
Render a moving object
Repeated notes at 6 related tempi, with different probabilities
Repeatedly reading a function with phasor~
Replaceable white mask
Report a data stream’s peak
Report different cells from consecutive frames
Representing all decibel values as positive
Reset default cosine buffer for cycle~
Reset Meter~ Display
Resizing a matrix non-destructively
Resonant bandpass filter
Resonant lowpass filter
Retaining rotational speed while varying radius size
Retrieve Timecode Info
Reveal sections of an image with alphablend
RGB color
Rhythmic automated panning
Rhythmic delays in time with a musical tempo
Rhythmic filtered noise bursts
Rhythmically out-of-sync phasors
Rotate, zoom, and offset video using jit.rota
Route signal for audio and control data
Route Text or Bang from textedit
Routing a signal to one of two destinations
Routing audio data flow
Routing MIDI data flow
Routing MIDI to other applications
Run Function at Event Rate
Sample and hold
Sample and hold using triggers stored in a buffer
Sample playback driven by a signal
Sampling synthesizer in Max
Save jit.matrix presets
Saving and recalling presets in pattrstorage
Saving slider values
Scale and offset
Schedule a collection of future events
Schedule a future event
Schedule event on next bar
Schedule events in the future
Schedule timepoints in straight clock time
Score following with the follow object
Scrub a movie using slider
Separating items in a formatted message
Sequencer with Tempo
Sequential or random access of a lookup table
Set minimum and maximum of two dials
Set minimum domain value of the function object
Set the state of different sets of toggles
Short delay creates a timbre change
Show the sum of harmonically-related sinusoids
Sigmoid vs Sinusoid acceleration control
sigmund~ for pitch tracking
Simple amplitude control
Simple audio file player
Simple audio mixing with matrix~
Simple delay of audio signal
Simple demonstration of flanging
Simple demonstration of the transport object
Simple envelope follower
Simple flanging
Simple MIDI harmonizer in C major
Simple sound recording
Simple subtitles in a video
Simple two-part gestures
Simple video file player
Simple video file player with controls
Simple wavetable synthesis
Simplest audio file player
Simplest MIDI file player
Simplest possible A/B video switcher
Simplest way to draw a line across a screen
Simulation of MIDI lighting control
Sine grain player suitable for use in poly~
Sine Wave into Buffer~
Single stream of grains from a buffer~
Single stream of sine grains
Sinusoidal events
Six samples at six pitches at six tempi
Six upper harmonics of a fundamental
Sixteen Harmonics
Slideshow folders in Jitter
Slow OSC messages
Smooth audio switching to bypass an audio effect
Smooth filter changes
Smooth Output of Peakamp~
Smoothly scale signals with gain~
Snapshot of a signal
Some objects for generating numbers
Some useful Jitter attributes
Sonification of pixel hue and level
Soundfile player in MSP
Split screen video
Stack overflow
Stereo balance and panning
Stitch MOV frames
Stop a modulating oscillator
Stop-action slideshow (backward)
Store and output data with pattr
Store matrices in a text file
Store numbers on keypress with coll
Storing and recalling multiple pattr values
Stretch 1D matrix to 2D matrix
Submatrices and masking
Subpatch for playing sound cues from sflist~
Switching and mixing audio
Switching Video
Sync 2 jit.cellblocks
Sync MIDI Notes with Ableton
Sync Multiple sfplay~
Sync pipe to transport
Sync tremolo to transport units
Synchronize an LFO to a note onset with phasor~
Synchronize live events to the Max transport
Synchronize MIDI note duration to a transport with translate
Synchronizing MSP audio loops with the transport
Syncing Visuals To Transport
Synthesize a sinusoid in MSP
Table and coll objects
Table lookup
Tap Tempo
Tap Tempo for Ableton Live
Tap tempo utility in Max for Live
Tap to set tempo
Tap to teach tempo to Max
teeth~ test
Tempo-relative timing for MSP LFO control
Tempo-relative timing with the transport object
Tendency Masks
Test hexagonal panner
Test interaural intensity difference
Test Interaural Time Difference
Test MIDI velocity to amplitude (vtoa) abstraction
Test movie timing to make editing decisions
Test multi-channel audio with stereo output
Testing for a range of numbers
text to video
The error object
The function object
The patcher object encapsulates a subpatch
The phasor~ object
The simplest lowpass filter
The tempo object
The translate object updates its output when the tempo changes
The ‘alpha’ attribute of a picture
Theremin using mouse position
Three-octave chromatic scale
Time interval and rate
Timed counting in Max
Timed linear fade
Timed ouput of list elements
Timed removal of drawn objects using jit.lcd
Toggle on/off router
TouchOSC data via wireless UDP
Transport-controlled phasor~
Transpose a sound file using sfplay~
Transpose and invert MIDI notes
Trapezoidal control signals
Trapezoidal envelope
Tremolo effect in Max for Live
Tremolo effect on a sound file
Trigger a bang when numbers increase or decrease
Trigger repeated actions metronomically
Trigger sample with metro
Trigger sound cues from the computer keyboard
Trigger sound cues with the mouse or from the computer keyboard
Triggering events with each cycle of a phasor~
Try the delaynote abstraction
Try the invertpitch abstraction
Try the timedbangs abstraction
Try the xfade~ abstraction
Turn an audio effect on or off
Turn files on and off
Turning a signal on or off
Two ways to get BPM timing
Ubutton ignore click
Upsampling & downsampling video using Jitter
Upsampling number lists with Jitter
Use floats with poly
Use function to control line segments
Use MIDI velocity for amplitude envelope
Use of "pow" in "expr"
Use seq to play MIDI files
Use stored waveform for a synthesizer
Useful MIDI Objects
Using A Loop to Set Master Tempo
Using a sustain point in a function object
Using alpha masking with jit.lcd content overlay
Using arrow keys to control a slider
Using audio to trigger the display of a frame of video
Using delay for inactivity trigger
Using gate to route messages
Using Jitter attributes
Using Jitter to store numerical data
Using key presses and releases
Using matrix~ for audio routing and mixing
Using matrix~ for multi-channel audio amplitude control
Using Metro with Transport
Using MIDI pitchbend data in MSP
Using phasor~ directly as a control signal
Using Presentation Mode
Using table to transpose a MIDI note
Using the full path when opening a file
Using the Hénon attractor
Using the metro object controlled by the transport
Using the preset capabilities of pattrstorage
Using the select object
Using timepoints for interactive sequencing
Variable-mode filter demo
Very low frequency modulation for gradual change
Very simple monophonic MIDI synthesizer
Video crossfade
Video effect chooser
View image pixel by pixel
View MIDI input
Visualize float on jit.window
Visualize MIDI note value using lcd
Ways to turn MSP on and off
Windowing an audio signal
Write subtitles onto a video
Zoom a video in or out