Cause and effect

This example shows a series of events that causes a movie to start playing. 

First, when you click on the message read or read, the message is sent to the object jit.qt.move, which then reports read <movie_name> 1 from the right outlet if successful. 

The route object will look for the word read from the incoming message, and pass it to the unpack object if it it receives. The object unpack will separate the movie name and the success flag, 1 or 0 which is reported from the right outlet of the unpack, and is sent to the select object. 

If select receives a success flag 1, it triggers the metro object to start playing the movie by the, and also sends the message <movie_name> to the prepend object to display the name of the movie being played. 

If the success flag is 0, a bang is sent with a 5 milliseconds delay via delay object to the prepend object to display the message failed to read file.