Choose new movie

In this example, when you turn on the two metro objects, one of the three movies are chosen randomly by the urm object every three seconds to be read by the object. Since the urm generates random numbers without duplicate, it can be used to switch to a new movie at a certain interval while playing.

Cause and effect

This example shows a series of events that causes a movie to start playing. 

First, when you click on the message read or read, the message is sent to the object jit.qt.move, which then reports read <movie_name> 1 from the right outlet if successful. 


The key object tracks and outputs the ASCII values of the keys you press on the computer keyboard. You can then use those ASCII values to trigger other objects as shown in the example above. In the example, the 'c' key is used to trigger the note middle C (MIDI key number 60), and the 'r' key is used to turn on a stream of randomly-chosen notes C across the entire MIDI range (every multiple of 12 from 0 to 120) at a rate of ten notes per second.