Algorithmic composition – Collection of essays on algorithmic composition, with sonic, musical, and visual examples in Max, by Christopher Dobrian

Audacity – Free open-source cross-platform audio editing application

Batchelor Max Tutorials – Tutorial videos on Max by Peter Batchelor

Baz Max/MSP Tutorial – A set of video tutorials demonstrating various audio and video techniques in Max/MSP/Jitter by Barry Moon

CodeLab Max/MSP + Jitter – Max user forum in French

Computer Music Programming – Readings, videos, lessons, and examples by Christopher Dobrian, Mark Micchelli, Alex Lough, Omar Costa Hamido, and Kevin Anthony.

Cycling 74 User Forum – Discussion of Max/MSP/Jitter

Digital Audio – An introduction by Christopher Dobrian

Event Priority in Max (Scheduler vs. Queue) – Article by Cycling '74 programmer Joshua Clayton

JavaScript – Object-oriented web-based programming language

Max – Object-based graphical multimedia programming environment

Max Documentation – Web version of the Max Reference Documentation that comes with the Max application

MIDI – An introductory essay by Christopher Dobrian

MIDI file format – Standard MIDI File (SMF) specification 1.1

Pd – PureData open-source object-based audio programming environment similar to Max

Programming New Realtime DSP Possibilities with MSP – Article by Christopher Dobrian

Rudiments of Max – Excerpt from an old version of the Max documentation

Strategies for Continuous Pitch and Amplitude Tracking in Realtime Interactive Improvisation Software – Article by Christopher Dobrian

The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music – Complete online textbook by Miller Puckette

Tutorials for Max/MSP/Jitter – Collection of tutorials written by electronic music professor Peter Elsea

Tutorials on MIDI – Provided by the MIDI Manufacturers Association



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