Detokenizing Stream of Numbers

A Max user was having trouble detokenizing a stream of number. In this case, given a stream of number, he wanted to route the number immediately following a 8 to a first output, the number immediately following a 9 to a second output, the four numbers immediately following a 10 to a third output, and all the rest to a fourth output.

Output video duration after read

This example shows how to automatically retrieve several information data regarding a loaded video on In this case we are taking advance of the message read filename 1 that is output on the second outlet after a successful file load, and using that to trigger several get messages which will also be output out the second outlet and then routed to their proper place using the route object.

Detect end of video in imovie

The imovie object displays a video within a single UI object in a Max patch. To detect when the movie has ended, use the getduration message to determine the movie's duration, then use the gettime message to monitor the current time of the video as it plays. In this example, we use the grab object to get the duration once and store it in other objects (select and >=).