Tendency Masks

This example shows how to use the function object for making tendency masks with breakpoint line segment functions (à la Koenig and as explained by Rowe) using a line object to progress through the functions that describe the minimum and maximum of the function’s range.

The function objects (with y ranging from 0 to 1) describes the minimum and maximum of the random range, and the line object steps through those functions (i.e., provides x values from 0 to 1000) in 15 seconds (or whatever number of milliseconds you specify with the number box). The random numbers generated in the subpatch ‘randomfloat’ are mapped into that range, then mapped into the range of pitches (in this case I chose the range of the piano, MIDI notes 21 to 108), then converted to frequency for the cycle~ object. (Notice that this works even when the maximum function dips below the minimum function.)