Random voicings of a pitch class set

A chord can be described as a pitch class set. For example, a C dominant ninth chord is the pitch class set {0,2,4,7,10}. Depending on the octave transposition of each of those five pitch classes, many voicings of the chord are possible. This patch take applies a transposition of four, five, six, or seven octaves to each of the five pitch classes to create a random voicing of the chord.

First the list is broken up into five individual messages by the iter object. Then for each of those numbers, the trigger object (t) first sends out a bang to choose a transposition of 48, 60, 72, or 84, then sends out the pitch class to be added to that transposition. The five pitches are played practically simultaneously with a velocity of 100, and 1 second later makenote sends out a note-off for all five notes.