Repeated notes at 6 related tempi, with different probabilities

This example (taken from Tutorial 37 in the original Max tutorials) demonstrates one way the passpct program, from the example "Pass a certain percentage of bangs", could be used. In order for this patch to work properly, you'll need to download that patch, passpct.maxpat, and store it in the Max file search path.

This program has six metro objects set to six harmonically-related tempi. The bang messages from those metros are filtered probabilistically by the passpct objects, and will thus trigger note messages with the specified likelihoods.

preset object stores "snapshots" of the state of the user interface objects in the patch (in this case, the toggles and number boxes). By clicking on the different preset buttons (or by sending the desired preset number to the preset object) one can recall a previously-stored snapshot. Try clicking on the preset buttons (in any order, ending with preset 16) to perform a simple interactive algorithmic composition.