Split screen video

The easiest way to cut a two-dimensional matrix into equal-sized rectangular segments is with jit.scissors. You initialize the jit.scissors object's rows and/or columns attribute, and the object will be created with enough outlets to send each segment out a separate outlet. (For example, jit.scissors @rows 3 @columns 4 will result in the incoming matrix being split into 12 segments.) The jit.glue object does the reverse of jit.scissors; you specify the number of rows and columns you want in the output matrix, the object will be created with the appropriate number of inlets, and jit.glue connects the separate matrices coming in each inlet, outputting them as a single combined matrix.

In this example, we show how these objects can be used to make a split-screen video. It uses two hypothetical videos named "left.mov" and "right.mov", uses jit.scissors to get the left half of the left movie and the right half of the right movie, then uses jit.glue to glue them back together.