Read MIDI pitches from a lookup table

To store any series of integer numbers as an array, the table object is most convenient. You can look up the stored numbers by referring to their index location within the table. Thus, you can read through the numbers in the array, in order, using a counter object.

The makenote object allows you to easily attach a velocity and a duration to a pitch number. It keeps track of the pitches it has received, and the desired duration of each note, and sends out the same pitch with a velocity of 0 after the specified time interval.

For a smooth, linearly-changing sense of tempo, it's better to refer to the ‘rate’ of events rather than the time interval in milliseconds. (Why is that?) So this patch lets you set and/or modify the note rate, and then converts that into milliseconds for the metro object. Note that it also sends the time interval to the right inlet of makenote so that the note durations are appropriate for the tempo at which the notes are being generated.