Test hexagonal panner

This patch requires the abstraction for hexagonal radial panning to be saved in the Max file search path with the name "hexagonalradialpanner~". It demonstrates the 6-channel panner, and shows how the sound can be moved around the space in a repeating circle by using a phasor~ to supply the panning angle.

An annoying chirping sound, synthesized in the patcher chirp subpatch will be panned clockwise in a circle, at whatever rate is specified by the phasor~ object. (Most likely you'll want the rate to be less than 1 Hz. It should be 1 divided by the number of seconds you want for one revolution around the space. A negative rate will pan the sound in a counter-clockwise circle.)

You can experiment to hear the effect of the "spread" value, from 0 to 1, to diffuse the sound over an increasing spatial range (i.e., give it a less focused directionality). The default spread of 0 will use just two of the six speakers at any given moment. A spread of 0 to 0.5 will inreasingly use the four nearest speakers, and a spread of 0.5 to 1 will use all six speakers.