MIDI note off messages

Every MIDI note-on message must be turned off at some time by a subsequent corresponding note-off message for the same pitch (or note-on message with velocity 0). This patch shows two ways to ensure that. One is a very simple way that's illustrative but not ideal; the second way is much more versatile and is the preferred way.

In the left side of the patch, a triggering bang from metro triggers a note-on message on key 60 with velocity 120, and also is delayed for 250 ms before triggering the corresponding note-off to end the note. This is fine, but the delay object can only delay one bang at a time, so it's not useful in more complicated cases, such as in the case of polyphony.

On the right side of the patch you can see a more versatile and more common method, using the makenote object. The purpose of makenote is specifically to provide note-offs to make notes of a specified duration. It can keep track of any number of note-on messages, their pitch and their desired duration, and will provide the corresponding note-off message (actually a note-on message with a velocity of 0) automatically at the correct moment. At each place where there is a number box in this patch, you could be providing changing numbers from some other part of your program, and makenote would keep track of all the appropriate pitches, velocities, and durations and send out the appropriate values to the noteout object to transmit the right MIDI note messages.