Apply (Graduate)

Application Requirements:
  • Core Application Materials (indicated below) apply to all graduate applicants (MFA and PhD).
  • Supplemantal Application Materials (indicated below) apply to all graduate applicants, and are unique to each emphasis.
  • Auditions are required for MFA applicants in Collaborative Piano and/or Piano Performance, Guitar & Lute Performance, Instrumental Performance, and Vocal Arts.
    • To schedule your audition, contact directly via email a faculty member in the MFA area of emphasis to which you are applying. Please do so as early as possible starting November 1st and do not wait until the application deadline on January 15th.
All application materials must be received by the deadlines below. Applications are not considered complete until all materials have arrived. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • PhD Application Deadline: December 1st (NOTE: Application to the History and Theory of Music (HTM) Ph.D. program is temporarily suspended for the 2023-2024 academic year.)
  • MFA Application Deadline: January 15th


Core Graduate Application Materials:

The following materials make up the Core Graduate Application, and are required for all applicants.


Available online in the month of September.

2) Transcripts

Follow instructions in online application (item 1 above) on how to submit transcripts.

3) Reference Letters

Follow instructions in online application (item 1 above) on how to submit reference letters.

Three (3) letters of reference are required. Waiving your right of access is optional but recommended. For more details regarding the reference letters, please visit the UCI Graduate Division website for Graduate Letters of Recommendation.

4) Academic Essay

Follow instructions in online application (item 1 above) on how to submit the academic essay.

The academic essay must be in English and on a music topic. This may be fulfilled by the submission of an undergraduate paper or research paper of similar size and scope. We suggest ten (10) double-spaced pages; the paper should display your best prose style. It must be a PDF document.


The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required for international students who did not earn their undergraduate degree at an institution in the United States, or did not earn a diploma or degree in a country where English is considered the primary or dominant language.  Please refer to the UCI Graduate Division website about English Proficiency for more information.

6) GRE

The GRE is not required for graduate applicants in Music.

Supplemental Application Materials:

In addition to the Core Graduate Application Materials listed above, all applicants must also follow the instructions via the links below which correspond to their area of emphasis:


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