Supplemental Application Requirements: Instrumental Performance (MFA)

Applicants in Instrumental Performance must complete an audition/interview, which must be scheduled by January 15 and completed by February 1.

All applicants must submit links to performance materials on their CV.


Graduate Audition Repertoire Requirements | Instrumental Performance

For all applicants other than cello, please contact the faculty member in that area for details on audition requirements.


Graduate Audition Repertoire Requirements | Instrumental Performance | Cello

For applicants in Cello, the audition requirements are as follows:

1. A movement of a major concerto such as Haydn, Boccherini, Saint-Saens, Lalo, Elgar, Dvorak, etc.

2. A movement from the Six Suites of Bach for Solo Cello.

3. Major scale in at least 3 octaves.

4. A movement of a major sonata such as Brahms, Beethoven, Shostakovich, Chopin, Barber, Debussy.

5. A Popper Etude.


Scheduling the Audition/Interview

Please contact the faculty member who teaches your instrument; contact information can be found in the Faculty by Area menu. 

  • Recorded Auditions:  Exceptional cases only, approval required.  Contact the faculty corresponding to your area for permission to substitute an online link in place of the on-campus audition/interview.  Approval must be obtained by January 15.  Recorded materials must include audio and video, and must be received by February 1.