Supplemental Application Requirements: Instrumental Performance (MFA)

MFA applicants in Instrumental Performance must complete an audition/interview, which must be scheduled by January 15 and completed by February 1.

Auditions are in person. Recorded auditions are only allowed in exceptional cases only, and approval is required.  Contact the faculty corresponding to your area for permission to substitute an online link in place of the on-campus audition/interview.  Approval must be obtained by January 15.  Recorded materials must include audio and video, and must be received by January 15.

All applicants must submit links to performance materials on their CV.


MFA  Instrumental Performance Repertoire Requirements: Violin

Please contact Professor Dennis Kim.


MFA  Instrumental Performance Repertoire Requirements: Cello

For applicants in Cello, the audition requirements are as follows:

1. A movement of a major concerto such as Haydn, Boccherini, Saint-Saens, Lalo, Elgar, Dvorak, etc.

2. A movement from the Six Suites of Bach for Solo Cello.

3. Major scale in at least 3 octaves.

4. A movement of a major sonata such as Brahms, Beethoven, Shostakovich, Chopin, Barber, Debussy.

5. A Popper Etude.


MFA  Instrumental Performance Repertoire Requirements: All other instruments

For all other instruments, please consult the Faculty page and contact the faculty member in that area for details on audition requirements.