Practice Rooms

Who can access practice rooms?

Department of Music practice rooms are available only to the following students:
1. Music majors
2. Non-music majors who are currently enrolled in Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Orchestra, Jazz Combos, Wind Ensemble, Chamber Music, Choir and Opera Workshop. Enrollment verification is required.

We truly regret that practice rooms are not available to the campus community. Unfortunately, the department does not have sufficient facilities to offer this resource to all students on campus. Similarly, our rehearsal rooms, instruments, and technology resources are all restricted to the faculty and students of the Department of Music. Thank you for your understanding.

Practice rooms for non-music majors

  • Non-music majors who are currently enrolled in one of the courses noted above can access the practice rooms in the MOB building. (Practice rooms in AITR are restricted to music majors.) 
  • To request access, email and indicate the MUS ensemble course in which you are currently enrolled. Please be patient. The staff will reply with further instructions.

Practice rooms for music majors

  • Instructions for key/card access for music majors are provided at the start of each fall quarter in Welcome Week orientation sessions. Authorized students must have a key card and room key to enter. If you have questions, email and indicate that you are a music major, or stop by the department office during its open hours.
  • Music majors can access practice rooms in both AITR and MOB.

AITR reservations (for music majors)

Music majors have the option of reserving one AITR practice room for one hour per day, for the duration of the quarter.

  • Reservations are not required. This is an option that is available to students who want to ensure practice room use at a regular time.
  • This option is only available during Week 1 of Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. No exceptions.
  • Signup sheets are posted outside the Music Office during Week 1; final schedules are posted outside each practice room during Week 2.
  • Students who make reservations will have until 10 minutes past the hour to arrive at their practice room. If more than 10 minutes late, the room reverts to available status for any other Music major.

Practice room policies

  • Each room is equipped with one music stand. If moving stands, please return them to their "home" room before leaving.
  • Food/beverages are prohibited.
  • Practice rooms must not be used for private/personal gain (for example, paid lessons).
  • Trash should be collected and removed from practice rooms before leaving.
  • Students who do not follow policy may lose practice room privileges.

Piano Tuning

Pianos are tuned on a quarterly basis. While we try to schedule tunings on days/times with the least amount of traffic, it's not always possible. If your practice time is interrupted by one of our piano tuners, please pardon the interruption and allow them access.