Musicians for Hire

Thank you for your interest in UCI Music!  We are often asked to provide references for events and private lessons.   

It’s important to note that we are not a booking agency, and as an educational institution we are prohibited from providing student contact information.  The Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student educational records. Minus a few exceptions, institutions may not disclose information about a student without that student’s written consent.

What we can do is direct your request to appropriate faculty, who will consider and forward it to interested students (if you are interested in working with a faculty member, rather than a student, please specify).  We can also refer you to Mu Phi Epsilon, the professional music fraternity on campus.  However, we cannot guarantee a response.


Finding the right contact to advise you will depend on the type of request (event/lesson) and what you’re looking for in terms of music genre, soloist vs. combo or ensemble (events), or tutor (private lessons).

Below are links that enable you to email corresponding faculty directly: 

EVENTS - Please include the following information:

  • Date, Time & Location of your event
  • Type of Performance (i.e. specific music or genre, soloist vs. ensemble, etc.)
  • Contact information and the best time to reach you

PRIVATE LESSONS – Please include the following information:

  • Specific instrument you are seeking lessons for
  • Age & musical background of the person for whom you are seeking lessons
  • Contact information and the best time to reach you

Thank you for your interest in our department and program.  We hope you’ll consider attending one of the many performances offered by the Department of Music at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts.  Information about our events can be found on our website: