Undergraduate Auditions FAQs

Q: Is prescreening required?

A: Yes, prescreening is required for all instruments and Vocal Arts.


Q: When is the prescreen deadline?

A: Submit your prescreen audition by 12:00 PM (noon, PST) on December 12th.


Q: When will I be notified of my prescreen audition result?

A: Applicants will be notified as soon as possible after their submission, and no later than January 6th.


Q: What happens if I don't pass the prescreen?

A: Unfortunately, you will not be invited to a second round audition. Refer to your Applicant Portal for the University decision by the decision date.


Q: If I don't pass the prescreen round, will I receive feedback on my audition?

A: No, we do not provide feedback.


Q: Will auditions be virtual or in person?

A: Classical Piano and Jazz Studies auditions will be virtual. All other auditions will be in person unless public health considerations require we change to virtual.


Q: How will I know if in-person auditions have changed to virtual?

A: We will make an announcement on our main auditions webpage and email all those who have scheduled an in-person audition. 


Q: When do auditions take place?

A: Auditions take place on the last two weekends in January, every year.


Q: Where do auditions take place?

A: We're located at the UCI campus in Irvine, CA. Auditions take place at the Music & Media building on the Arts campus. When you arrive, you'll need to check-in at the Music Office. Directions are available here and here


Q: When should I arrive for my audition?

A: Doors open at 9:00am! Auditions begin at 10am. Please arrive early enough to walk from the parking structure to the Music & Media building, check in at the Music Office, and warm up for 10 minutes. We recommend arriving 30 minutes before your audition.


Q: Will I have warm up space?

A: Yes! All prospective students will be escorted to a warm up space after checking in at the Music Office.


Q: How long can I warm up for?

A: Out of consideration for all applicants, we request that you limit your warm-up time to 10 minutes.


Q: Is accompaniment provided?

A: Accompaniment is provided ONLY for Vocal Arts auditions. It is not possible for Vocal Arts applicants to warm up with the accompanist; music will be sight-read.


Q: Can I bring my own accompanist?

A: Yes, applicants may bring their own accompanist if they choose. As with all other applicants, please limit your warm-up to 10 minutes.


Q: How long is the audition?

A: Auditions range from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the instrument/area.


Q: Will I be asked to sight read?

A: You may or may not be asked to sight read. We recommend you be prepared just in case.


Q: Will I be asked to perform scales?

A: You may or may not be asked to perform scales. We recommend you be prepared just in case.


Q: What else should I be prepared for in my audition?

A: Be prepared to answer questions about yourself and your musical background.


Q: Who should I contact with questions about the repertoire?

A: Please contact the faculty instructor directly. Department staff cannot answer repertoire questions.


Q: How do I cancel or reschedule my audition?

A: Please email music@uci.edu to cancel or reschedule.


Q: Where do I check in for my audition?

A: Please check in at the Music Office, on the 3rd Floor of the Music & Media building. Take the stairs or elevator to the 3rd Floor, and enter through the double doors directly across from the elevator. The Music Office is the first office on the right (check in at the front counter).


Q: Where should I park, and are permits required?

A: Find information about visitor parking, including rates, here. We recommend parking in the Mesa Parking Structure.


Q: Can I take a tour during my visit?

A: We do not offer tours of Music Department facilities because they're in use for auditions. You can take a virtual tour of the Claire Trevor School of the Arts, or explore options at campus tours.


Q: Is it possible to apply for more than one instrument?

A: Yes! Submit separate prescreen forms for each instrument. Do not combine instruments on one submission.


Q: I'm running late for my audition, what should I do?

A: Arrive as soon as you can, check in at the Music Office, and we'll do our best to fit you in where we can. If you're able to, email us at music@uci.edu to let us know.