Music and Media Building

My Cultural Lens: Life As A Global Black Female Vocal Improviser

Brooklyn Sound Artist & Educator Fay Victor will give a talk around her work as an African-American/Caribbean artist articulating the experience of living NOW in the USA as a black female artist. Victor's vocal work incorporates her compositions, lyrics and free improvisation coming through a positively expressive lens of black female empowerment, encouraging confidence in using language and the voice itself.

New Music Concert by ICIT composers

The graduate students imentored by Professors Mari Kimura (Music 237) and Nicole Mitchell (Music 209) present their work Monday, 7pm Dec. 4th in Music and Media  218. All are invited!

Featuring the music of Hesam Abedini, Kevin Anthony, Antonin Fajt, Cory Fogel, Adib Ghorbani, Omar Costa Hamido, Hunter Long, Alex Lough, Mark Micchelli, Tomoko Ozawa, Niloufar Shiri and George Wheeler.

Jazz Concert - New Student Works

Jazz Concert

New Student Works


Thursday, March 10, 2016

8:00 pm

Music & Media Bldg. Room 218

Motion Capture Studio

Presenting original compositions by:

Benjamin Lee

Bryce St. Peter

Aaron Greger

Nancy Tanaka

Dylan Juhan

Jack Perry

Euiso Kim

Benjamin Elliot

Free Admission. Open to the public.

(Photo by Skye Schmidt)

Eduard Schmieder to give a lecture to speak on tone production in the leading violin schools


Dr. Eduard Schmieder

Comparative studies of tone production in the leading violin schools


March 4

1:00 pm

MM 196

Hear Dr. Eduard Schmieder lecture on “Comparative studies of tone production in the leading violin schools” March 4 at 1pm in MM 196.

This is a free event and all are invited.


Dr. Eduard Schmieder Biography