Great work on Friday! 


Here is the rehearsal plan for 10/26:


We'll try to cover pp. 60-90 + some extras.


4pm Rosalinda+Alfred+Frank (we'll repeat pp. 49-51 and 56-59)

4:20pm Tutti (we'll repeat pp. 60-64, so please make sure to look through the section)

4:30pm  Tutti+Adele's aria (pp. 67-72)

5:10pm  Orlofsky's couplets (Nena)

5:20pm Rosalinda+Eisenstein (pp. 74-84)

5:55 Rosalinda (pp. 85-90)


Please, make sure that you have the music. The rehearsals are not very productive without you having a score and a pencil. Also, keep in mind that you are expected to look through the music before you come to a rehearsal. If you still haven't received your music, please, do not wait until the last second, but rather ask Chance ( to send you a link with a PDF file.


As a reminder, this is the plan for the rest of the quarter:

10/26 pp. 67-90 Tutti

11/2 pp. 91-115 Tutti

11/9 pp. 116-142 Tutti

11/16 pp. 143-161 Rosalinda, Alfred, Eisenstein

11/30 pp. 162- 168 + whatever is needed to be repeated, Tutti

12/7  Run-through, everyone should be present


See you on Friday in room MM220