Supplemental Application Materials: ICIT

Applicants in Integrated Composition, Improvisation & Technology (ICIT) must submit the following:

  1. Representative samples of original creative work in the form of scores, recordings, or video documentation.
  2. A video of at least ten (10) minutes (but not much longer) that shows your performance skills on your main instrument(s).
    • If an item submitted as part of your representative sample of works (i.e., in item 1 above) contains at least 10 minutes of video in which you perform, and that video adequately demonstrates the range of your performance skills, then additional video documentation is not necessary.
    • It is helpful for the department's application review committee if all videos are shared via one of the popular hosting platforms (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).
  3. A curated playlist of your recordings:
    • What it is: The playlist is a subset of the "representative samples" mentioned in #1 above; in other words, for the playlist, you should select either excerpts or full versions of works you have included in that portfolio of representative works. Having the playlist allows us to listen to the excerpts/works the applicant wants us to prioritize, in cases where we do not have enough time to listen to the entire portfolio of representative works.
    • What to include:
      • The playlist may consist of any number of pieces, and may be excerpts of works.
      • If an excerpt, indicate start and end times.
      • If there is a score available for a piece, please indicate so.
      • Organize in order of relevance, with most relevant at the top of the list.
      • DO NOT include the 10 minute video from item 2 above. The video showing your performance skills on your main instrument(s) should not be part of the playlist.
    • Duration:
      • The total duration of the playlist should not be longer than fifteen (15) minutes.
  4. Many applicants seek the PhD to enable an academic career. We ask that you also please describe briefly any non-academic career paths you can envision for yourself after completing the degree, and how you think your work in the ICIT PhD program could prepare you for them. You may address this question either within your statement of purpose (part of the online application) or, if you prefer, by including a brief paragraph about it in the Supplemental Materials PDF mentioned below.


Important | Submission of Supplementary Application Materials

  • Items 1, 2 & 3:
    • Submit as one single PDF document in the Supplementary Materials section of the online application.
    • The PDF should contain the following, in the following order:
      • Items 1 & 2: A link or links that will allow us to access online (via a personal website or a service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).
      • Item 3: The curated playlist.
    • Example of the PDF document
  • Item 4:
    • Submit a brief paragraph as part of the single PDF document described above, or as part of your statement of purpose (within the online application).


For more information, view our Integrated Composition, Improvisation & Technology (ICIT) page.