Supplemental Application Materials: ICIT

Applicants in Integrated Composition, Improvisation & Technology (ICIT) must submit the following:

1) Representative samples of original creative work in the form of scores, recordings, or video documentation.

2) A video of at least ten (10) minutes (but not much longer) that shows your performance skills on your main instrument(s).

  • If an item submitted as part of your representative sample of works (i.e., in item 1 above) contains at least 10 minutes of video in which you perform, and that video adequately demonstrates the range of your performance skills, then additional video documentation is not necessary.
  • It is helpful for the department's application review committee if all videos are shared via one of the popular hosting platforms (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).

3) A curated playlist of your recordings:

  • The playlist serves as a way to better understand interests and strengths from the applicant's perspective. It does not replace, and cannot be substituted for, the representative samples of original creative work required in item 1 above.
  • What to include:
    • The playlist may consist of any number of pieces, and may be excerpts of works.
    • If an excerpt, indicate start and end times.
    • If there is a score available for a piece, please indicate so.
    • Organize in order of relevance, with most relevant at the top of the list.
    • DO NOT include the 10 minute video from item 2 above. The video showing your performance skills on your main instrument(s) should not be part of the playlist.
  • Duration:
    • The total duration of the playlist should not be longer than fifteen (15) minutes.

4) GRE test scores are required (institutional code: 4859). 


IMPORTANT | Submission of Supplementary Application Materials

  • Items 1, 2 & 3:
    • Submit as one single PDF document in the Supplementary Materials section of the online application.
    • The PDF should contain the following, in the following order:
      • Items 1 & 2: A link or links that will allow us to access online (via a personal website or a service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).
      • Item 3: The curated playlist.
    • Example of the PDF document
  • Item 4:
    • Submit GRE scores where indicated in the online application.


For more information, view our Integrated Composition, Improvisation & Technology (ICIT) page.