Trumpet Audition Requirements

Choose the Exposition from the first movement from one of the following Concertos:

  • Haydn Trumpet Concerto in Eb
  • Neruda Trumpet Concerto in Eb
  • Hummel Trumpet Concerto in Eb

Choose the opening from one of the following Sonatas (the first 1 1/2 pages ):

  • Kent Kennan Trumpet Sonata
  • Hindemith Trumpet Sonata
  • Halsey Stevens Trumpet Sonata

Orchestral Excerpts. Choose two from the following:

  • Beethoven - Off Stage Calls from Leonore Overtures # 2 and # 3
  • Mussorsky - Pictures at an Exposition - Opening Solo
  • Stravinsky- Petrushka - Ballerinas Dance - Solo
  • Respigi - Pines of Rome - off stage solo

Possible Sightreading

We will be looking for the ability to sustain tone production, accurate intonation over a dynamic range (from pianissimo to fortissimo), and control of breath and articulation.

Questions? Contact: Professor Barry Perkins