ICIT Alumnus Omar Costa Hamido publishes groundbreaking dissertation work on quantum computing and music.

When considering music and technology, most people probably do not think of the intersection between creative expression through music and new directions in quantum computing. The work of Omar Costa Hamido–a recent recipient of a doctoral degree from the Claire Trevor School of the Arts (Ph.D. in Integrated Composition Improvisation and Technology, 2021)–is situated at this precise intersection. Research from his doctoral dissertation Adventures in Quantumland is now featured in an edited book called Quantum Computer Music: Foundations, Methods and Advanced Concepts published by Springer in 2022. Costa Hamido’s chapter titled “QAC: Quantum-computing Aided Composition" represents leading work in creative applications of quantum computing especially in speculating on its role in realtime composition and performance. The chapter also introduces Costa Hamido's The QAC Toolkit (quantumland.art/qac).

The faculty and staff at the Department of Music congratulate Omar Costa Hamido for this groundbreaking publication and work.

More info:

Quantum Computer Music
Foundations, Methods and Advanced Concepts
Edited by Eduardo Reck Miranda, published by Springer (2022)

Chapter 8, by Omar Costa Hamido:
QAC: Quantum-computing Aided Composition

Image (above): Omar Costa Hamido at IBM Research Europe in Zurich, Switzerland.
Posted Date: 
Tuesday, November 15, 2022