Choral Music of UCI Introduces AcaLove

Courtesy of Delia Cruz Kelly

The masterful melodies of seven choral groups came together in Winifred Smith Hall here on campus on January 26th for the first annual AcaLove: Southern California A Cappella Festival. This premier event was made possible by the director of UCI’s choral program, Dr. Seth Houston, and co-event coordinators Kenai Gonzalez and Ryan Duong.  Nearly a year of planning, creating, and working went into this night with the goal of cultivating a stronger a capella community throughout Southern California. The festival’s lineup featured four UCI groups: Vermillion Vocalists, Uniting Voices, Circle of Fifths, and UCI Chamber Singers; and traveling to Irvine were UCSD’s Tritones, CSUN’s AcaSola, and USC’s Overflow.

Posted Date: 
Monday, January 29, 2018 - 16:00