Changing Tides II - A Telematic Translocational Concert

Changing Tides II, the performers in Seoul at the Namsan Arts Center

Changing Tides II
A Telematic Translocational Concert

A simultaneous performance, different time zones.

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In February 2020, Prof. Michael Dessen, along with a group of intercultural artists, presented Changing Tides II – an intercultural music collaboration responding to the climate crisis. The unique performance was an extension of a previous 2016 audio-visual collaboration and took place simultaneously in two different venues and different time zones.

The production, utilizing cutting-edge technologies, featured renowned musical improvisers in Seoul and San Diego. The concert simultaneously blended a live collaborative performance, pre-recorded materials, visualizations of climate data, and original compositions integrating Korean music and jazz. Overall, the performance linked 11 musicians in a stunning scenic environment. This  background for the concert was created by several visual artists – including Korean director Jungung Yang – and was inspired by the Korean shamanic ceremony, which is meant to evoke sorrow and the recirculation of new life simultaneously. 

Dessen is a professor in the Department of Music's Integrated Composition, Improvisation, and Technology (ICIT) program and performed as part of the San Diego group. Changing Tides II addressed the urgent need for global collaboration and blends past and future artistic expressions in a unique act of collective imagination.

View the performance here: Changing Tides II

Performed In Seoul: Namsan Arts Center
Friday, February 14, 2020, at 12:30 p.m.
Performed in San Diego: Conrad Prebys Music Center Experimental Theater, UCSD​
Thursday, February 13, 2020 at 7:30 p.m.

Yoon Jeong Heo
Jean Oh
Aram Lee
Min Wang Hwang
Bae Il Dong
Jungpyo Lee

Wilfrido Terrazas
Stephanie Richards
Michael Dessen
Joshua White
Mark Dresser

Director in Korea: Jungung Yang, Directors in San Diego: Mark Dresser, Michael Dessen, Producer in Korea: Jun Oh, Artist Director at CultureHub NY: Billy Clark, Scenic design in San Diego: Victoria Petrovich, Digital Content and Design: Kyle Johnson, Technical Director in San Diego: Trevor Henthorn.

This event was produced in collaboration with Seoul Institute of the Arts and CultureHub NY.

Posted Date: 
Thursday, April 2, 2020