Prof. Chris Dobrian will serve on a panel about Korean film music

Chris Dobrian, photo by Jacqueline Sisemore

Lecture Recital and Panel Q& A entitled, "Korean Sensibility and the Double Reed in Korean Film Music” 

Yoon Joo Hwang (Assistant Professor of Music), Jung Choi (Assistant Professor of Music, Missouri State University), Jisoo Lee (Assistant Professor of Music, Seoul National University, Korean Film Composer) and Inyoung Park (Korean Film Composer, String Arranger) all studied Western classical music in Korea. Lee and Park studied western composition and they write music for Korean films. Their music style is different than John Williams’s (Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Harry Potter) and Hans Zimmer’s (Gladiator, The Lion King). Korean film composers use idiomatically Korean harmonies, unique emotion and sensibility in their Korean film works, but using Western composition technique. When you listen to music from Oldboy (2003), perhaps you can hear the influence of classical music from such as the waltz. Park worked with the London Symphony Orchestra for Rampant (2018) and western instruments express the mood of the scene for viewers. Rampant (2018) is Korean historical drama, but Park used Western classical music and viewers can hear a mini symphony or string chamber ensemble. At the end of lecture, Jisoo Lee’s film music will be played on classical instruments.

When: Friday, January 22, 4 p.m. (PST)
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Posted Date: 
Wednesday, January 20, 2021