Department Room Use Policy

Keep Rooms Clean & Tidy

  • After use, please throw away all trash.
  • Classrooms with student desks: Ensure all desks are in neat rows, and facing the correct way.
  • All other rooms: Stack chairs on racks or neatly in a corner.

Protect Equipment, Instruments & Facilities

  • Do not remove music stands from the room.
  • Close and cover piano.
  • Securely close and lock all closet and entrance doors.

Report Any Damage

  • Immediately report any damage to equipment, instruments, or facilities, by emailing Include photos if possible. 

Room Reservations


Our facilities, equipment & instruments are here to enhance student learning and faculty growth, and augment the needs of our guests.

Thank you! We appreciate your help in keeping us looking and operating at our best.  


Use of Music Department facilities, equipment & instruments is a privilege that can be revoked at any time if necessary or appropriate.