Dealing with the "symbol" output of coll

Any message that consists of a single word is a message of type symbol (as opposed to int or float or list or some other word followed by other items). The coll object explicitly puts the word symbol ahead of its output if the output is a single word. The advantage of that is that you can detect single-word outputs as being different from all other outputs, by using a route symbol object.

Detect pauses in a data stream

To detect a certain period of inactivity from a data source, you can use the delay object. The delay object can only delay one bang at a time, and if it receives another bang before the first one is sent out, it discards the first one and delays the second one. Thus, each time an event occurs, you can simply bang the delay to schedule a bang for some time in the future.

Schedule timepoints in straight clock time

To schedule timepoints in straight clock time, it’s easy enough to do, and if I want transport to report the current time to me in straight clock time, that’s easy enough to do, too. In the following example, when you start the transport with the toggle, it rewinds to time 0 and schedules a timepoint to occur at time 5.5 seconds. By default the transport’s tempo is 120 bpm, so we would expect that timepoint to happen 11 beats later, i.e., after 5280 ticks, i.e.