Output matrix values to a number box

To output matrix values to a number box, use metro 1000 to bang a counter object, and use that output as the matrix coordinate for the getcell message. Please note that the third outlet of counter does not send out a bang unless you tell it to (with a carrybang message). It sends out a 1 when the counter reaches its maximum, and a 0 on the next output. This causes a double trigger.

Avoiding infinity in pow and /

Taking 0 to the power of any negative exponent equals infinity. In Max, this yields the unique float value inf. In cases where you want to avoid getting inf, and would prefer to get 0, you can simply make a special case for a 0 input, and pass it on directly, avoiding the pow object. On the left is an example of how to use routepass to force Max to output 0 when it would otherwise calculate infinity, such as when using a pow -1 object.

Sync pipe to transport

To achieve delays that are quantized to a named transport, use a combination of pipe (delay numbers by the desired amount), translate (to set the pipe to the desired delay time), zl group (hold onto numbers as they come out of the pipe) and metro (following a particular named transport and quantized to the time unit you want).