Output js object into a function

This example shows two methods for outputting a list in groups of two elements. Either of the objects zl.iter or with an argument of ‘2’ will output the a list sent into them two elements at a time in immediate succession. If a list with an odd number of elements is sent into either of the objects, the last message that is outputted will only contain one element.

Tendency Masks

This example shows how to use the function object for making tendency masks with breakpoint line segment functions (à la Koenig and as explained by Rowe) using a line object to progress through the functions that describe the minimum and maximum of the function’s range.

Networking Max messages via UDP

The simplest way to communicate over the internet in Max is by sending Max messages as UDP packets. The udpsend and udpreceive objects make that very easy. Tell the udpsend object what IP address to send to and what virtual port number to use, and tell the udpreceive object on the other computer the same port number.


This program assumes that you have a folder of image files (jpg, etc.) that you want to show as a slideshow. This program also assumes that those images all have the same dimensions.

The program assumes images that are 320x240 pixels. If you want to use another size, you should change the dimensions of the objects and the size of the jit.window. Images that do not have a 4:3 aspect ratio will get distorted when shown fullscreen, unless some adjustments are made.