Transpose and invert MIDI notes

This patch demonstrates a couple of very simple sorts of transformations that could be imposed on incoming MIDI pitch values before sending them on to a synthesizer. One is transposition, achieved by adding a certain number of semitones to the MIDI pitch value (and sending it out with the same velocity values as were in the incoming note messages).

Converting notes per second to ms and using the Tempo object

This example shows how to convert a value expressing “notes per second” into "milliseconds per note", which is a more useful value for the metro object.  The right side of the patch shows how to use the tempo object to specify tempo in bpm, and to specify the division of the whole note at which to output numbers indicating which division of the measure it's on.

Visualize MIDI note value using lcd

This example shows a way to visualize the pitch of a MIDI note on the x axis of a lcd object. The same thing could be done in Jitter with jit.lcd. Whenever you're trying to visualize music or sound, some decisions have to be made about how parameters from one domain (music) will be mapped to the other domain (image). In this case, we've decided to visualize pitch in terms of a circle's left-to-right position.

Store and output data with pattr

This example shows how to store and output data using the pattr object. Whatever data is sent into a pattr object will be saved with the patch and will output on load unless the ‘thru’ attribute is disabled as shown in the lower portion of the example. The initial value of pattr can also be set using the ‘initial’ attribute.