Convert between musical time and clock time

The translate object performs conversions from one kind of time unit to any other, and is particularly useful when you need to convert from a tempo-relative time unit to a clock time unit (e.g., convert note values to milliseconds) or vice versa. In this example, try changing the bpm tempo of the transport, and you'll see that the translate object sends out updated information whenever the tempo changes.

Managing transpositions for sustained MIDI notes

When transposing the pitch of sustained incoming MIDI notes, you need to be certain that the note-off message has the same transposition. Otherwise, any time more than one note is played, each subsequent note changes the transposition before the previous note receives its note-off message. To solve this you need to keep track of what transposition you give to each incoming note, as illustrated in this example.

Controlling the range of a set of numbers

This patch is intended to show how to generate any desired range of numbers by some combination of the following operations: 1) generate a set of possible numbers with one of the number-generating objects shown in the example "Some objects for generating numbers", 2) optionally scale the size of the range by multiplying all the numbers by a common factor, 3) optionally offset the range by adding a certain amount to each of the numbers, 4) optionally use those numbers to look up a stored set of desire