Auditions are REQUIRED for ALL undergraduate applicants, including incoming freshman and transfer students, those choosing Music as a primary OR alternate major, and current UCI students who want to add Music as a major.
Vocal Arts - PRESCREEN AUDITION REQUIRED for undergraduate (incoming freshman & transfer) applicants.
Auditions are REQUIRED for graduate MFA applicants whose emphasis is Collaborative Piano and/or Piano Performance, Guitar & Lute Performance, Instrumental Performance, and Vocal Arts (all emphases except ICIT and Musicology).


Auditions take place in January and MUST BE SCHEDULED BETWEEN NOVEMBER 1st - JANUARY 6th.

Undergraduate Applicants:
Schedule a Music audition between
November 15th - January 6th (Deadline extended!)
UC Application Deadline:
December 15th
Please view links below for information,
repertoire & scheduling.
Graduate Applicants:
Schedule a Music audition between
November 1st - January 15th
MFA Application Deadline:
January 15th
Please view links below for more detailed
scheduling information & repertoire requirements.




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Undergraduate Repertoire Requirements Schedule a Graduate MFA Audition
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