July 15
UCI Music welcomes Assistant Professors Grimes and Hammel
October 4
Please join us for a workshop on music and improvisation by renowned NYC-based musicians Ingrid Laubrock (sax) and Tom Rainey (drums).
November 2
A free concert featuring outstanding performers from various disciplines in the Department of Music.
November 4
Guest Composer/Conductor Renee Baker conducts her own compositions, while Maestro Tucker conducts: Shostakovkch - Symphony No. 6, in B minor, Op. 54 Ravel - La...
November 9
The UCI Undergraduate Jazz Program is having its quarterly concert to showcase the Small Group student ensembles.
November 14
The UCI Wind Ensemble, under the direction of Kevin McKeown, performs both traditional and contemporary works written specifically for the wind band genre.
November 16
Join Dr. Bobby Rodriguez and the UCI Jazz Orchestra for an evening of the warm and exciting sounds of large-ensemble jazz music, including the classic repertoire of the big band...
November 19
Haroutune Bedelian and Lorna Griffitt will be joined by British/Brazilian cellist David Chew OBE and British/American violist and conductor Russell Guyver in a performance of piano quartets by Mozart and Brahms. The group was founded in the 1970s in...