Calculating Doppler shift for moving virtual sound sources

A stereo spatialization effect can be achieved using x,y coordinates to determine intensity and delay for the sound at each speaker at each moment. The hypothetical listener is placed at a point equidistant from the two speakers. The speakers are each assumed to be at some angle from the listener between 0 and pi radians, with 0 radians being straight to the right, pi/2 radians being directly in front of the listener, and pi radians being to the left.

Abstraction for delay with stereo panning

This abstraction encapsulates delay, gain control, and stereo panning in a single object that can be used in some other "parent" patch. It assumes that its first inlet will be connected to a tapin~ object in the parent patch. That tapin~ object will send a tapconnect message when MSP audio is turned on, thus linking the tapout~ object in this abstraction to the memory buffer of the tapin~ object in the parent patch.

Demonstration of multiple crossfading delay times referring to the same remote tapin~ object

This patch requires the tapoutxfade~ abstraction in the example "Abstraction for crossfading delay times of a remote tapin~ object". When audio is turned on, the tapin~ object sends out the tapconnect message to the three subpatches, thus associating their internal tapout~ objects with the same tapin~.