Output matrix values to a number box

To output matrix values to a number box, use metro 1000 to bang a counter object, and use that output as the matrix coordinate for the getcell message. Please note that the third outlet of counter does not send out a bang unless you tell it to (with a carrybang message). It sends out a 1 when the counter reaches its maximum, and a 0 on the next output. This causes a double trigger.

Sync pipe to transport

To achieve delays that are quantized to a named transport, use a combination of pipe (delay numbers by the desired amount), translate (to set the pipe to the desired delay time), zl group (hold onto numbers as they come out of the pipe) and metro (following a particular named transport and quantized to the time unit you want).

Sync Multiple sfplay~

The examples above show two different ways that you can trigger sound files while keeping in sync with a particular beat when the durations of the sound files are not perfect multiples of the beat duration, hence triggering the next sound file at the ending point of the current sound file results in the next sound file being started off the beat.

Tap Tempo

This example shows a super simple tap tempo implementation. The patch alters the transport tempo based on the rate at which you tap the “t” key. This method simply takes the average of the most recent three time intervals between the most recent four taps. So once you tap four times, it will set the transport tempo to your tempo, and if you keep tapping it responds to your changes but takes a couple beats to move gradually to your new tempo.