Plot a point in lcd

The lcd object is very handy for drawing simple 2D graphics. This patch shows how you can plot a point in an x,y coordinate graph using lcd. The goal is to be able to plot any x,y coordinate pair for which the numbers lie between -1 and 1.

Visualize MIDI note value using lcd

This example shows a way to visualize the pitch of a MIDI note on the x axis of a lcd object. The same thing could be done in Jitter with jit.lcd. Whenever you're trying to visualize music or sound, some decisions have to be made about how parameters from one domain (music) will be mapped to the other domain (image). In this case, we've decided to visualize pitch in terms of a circle's left-to-right position.

Flashing LED with metro

If you have a patch in which you are flashing a button object using metro, the flashing may be delayed due to different degrees of operation priorities when used in a more complicated patch. Here are few things to consider if you’d like to prioritize or have more control over the flashing. 

LCD Drawing Demo 1

Coordinates in lcd refer to the upper-left corner of a pixel. "0 0" refers to the upper-left corner of the lcd, and also refers to the upper-left corner of cell 0 0 in a jit.lcd. In a default-sized lcd with dimensions 128×128, the coordinate “128 128” refers to the upper left corner of the pixel that is just beyond the lower right corner of the lcd, i.e., just beyond the edge of the lcd (and beyond the matrix of a jit.lcd).


This example shows how to make a countdown progress indicator by progressively filling a circle. The circle is filled with an arc, with a radius coming from the position 12 o’clock (at time 0%). At time 25%, the first upper right quadrant is filled, and so on, until 12 o’clock (at time 100%), when the circle is filled.