Sinusoidal events

To generate a series of numbers in Max that outline a sinusoidal shape, you can use the sin() function in the expr object. As the argument in the sin() function goes from 0 to 2π (6.283185), the output will be the sine of that value, going from 0 up to 1, down to -1, and back up to 0. So, by feeding a series of numbers into expr, you can generate numbers that follow that sinusoidal pattern.

Sigmoid vs Sinusoid acceleration control

You can calculate the desired acceleration/deceleration curve using expr. The smoothest acceleration/deceleration is exhibited by simple harmonic motion (like the swinging of a pendulum), which would be a sinusoidal curve rather than a sigmoid curve (and a sigmoid is theoretically asymptotic, i.e. never truly reaches its goal). You can calculate either with expr. Here’s an example comparing the two.