Automate file creation

To automate file creation of similarly named stereo sound files (for example, soundbite1, soundbite 2, etc), this patch allows you to send the desired file name into the left inlet, then a message to start recording into sfrecord~ and a 0 to stop recording. The audio you want to record is expected in the second and third inlets.

Output video duration after read

This example shows how to automatically retrieve several information data regarding a loaded video on In this case we are taking advance of the message read filename 1 that is output on the second outlet after a successful file load, and using that to trigger several get messages which will also be output out the second outlet and then routed to their proper place using the route object.

Switching Video

You can switch between multiple videos without starting from the beginning of each clip after each every switch by acquiring the time the clip was stopped as the next starting point.