Basic RAM recording into buffer~

To record a sound into RAM, you must first allocate/designate a place in RAM into which to record. The buffer~ object creates a named buffer in memory large enough to store the specified duration of audio data. In this example, the buffer is named "theholdingplace" and holds up to 60,000 milliseconds (one minute) of audio. The incoming audio signal from the adc~ object goes into a record~ object that refers to that memory buffer.

Granulation of a recorded sound

In classic granular synthesis, grains are very short windowed segments of sound, normally from 5 ms to 100 ms in length. A stream of sound grains be spaced at exactly the same time interval as the grain length, or at some greater interval of time. The spacing can even be randomized (some random time interval greater than or equal to the grain length). A single stream of grains is all you can do with a single groove~ object.