Dealing with the "symbol" output of coll

Any message that consists of a single word is a message of type symbol (as opposed to int or float or list or some other word followed by other items). The coll object explicitly puts the word symbol ahead of its output if the output is a single word. The advantage of that is that you can detect single-word outputs as being different from all other outputs, by using a route symbol object.

Create MIDI File

This is an example that generates a sixteenth-note rhythm, formats the information as MIDI note messages with midiformat, and stores them in a seq object, which can be saved as a MIDI file with the write message. 

List audio cue points

To set a list of cue points in an audio file and have them played in order, use either sfplay~ (with a set of cues established by preload messages to sfplay~ or to sflist~) or buffer~ (with start messages to play~, the parameters of which are stored in a coll).

Interweave Lists

While zl lace interweaves two lists, zl group allows you to interweave more than two lists. Retrieve the length of the list using zl, send it to uzi to retrieve the data in each index stored in the coll files, and pack them all to be interweaved by zl group