Supplemental Application Requirements: Guitar & Lute Performance (MFA)

Applicants in Guitar & Lute must must complete an on-campus audition/interview, which must be scheduled by January 15 and completed by February 1.


Graduate Audition Repertoire Requirements | Guitar & Lute Performance

For the audition in Guitar & Lute, applicants should be prepared to perform three pieces from three different centuries (16th-21st) and to sight-read pieces in contrasting styles.


Scheduling the Audition/Interview

Please contact Professor John Schneiderman (  ALL auditions require a completed Audition Registration.

  • Recorded Auditions:  Exceptional cases only, approval required. Contact Professor Schneiderman for permission to substitute a DVD or online link(s) in place of the on-campus audition/interview. Approval must be obtained by January 15.  Recorded materials (DVD/online link) must be received by February 1.
  • Submission of Recorded Auditions:  ALL submissions must include a completed Audition Registration.
    • Online Link(s):  Email to, include "Grad Audition - Guitar & Lute" in the subject line.
    • DVDs:  Mail to the following address:

Attn: Graduate Admissions

Department of Music

Claire Trevor School of the Arts

University of California, Irvine

303 Music & Media Building

Irvine, CA 92697