Supplemental Application Requirements: Collaborative Piano & Piano Performance (MFA)

Applicants in either Collaborative Piano or Piano Performance must complete an on-campus audition/interview, which must be scheduled by January 15 and completed by February 1.


Graduate Audition Repertoire Requirements | Collaborative Piano

For the audition in Collaborative Piano, applicants should be prepared to perform the following:

1. Two complete instrumental sonatas from contrasting stylistic periods.

2. Four songs including a Schubert through-composed Lied, a Schumann, Brahms, Wolf, or Strauss Lied, a 19th century French Mélodie, and a post-1950 Art Song in English.

3. One solo work to be performed from memory.

The audition will also include a sight-reading component.


Graduate Audition Repertoire Requirements | Piano Performance

For the audition in Piano Performance, applicants should be prepared to perform:

1. A prelude and fugue, toccata, or work containing a fugue by J. S. Bach.

2. A complete classical sonata by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven or Schubert.

3. A complete romantic or contemporary work.

4. An etude of virtuosity.

All works must be performed from memory. The audition will also include a sight-reading component.


Scheduling the Audition/Interview

Please contact Professors Nina Scolnik ( and Lorna Griffit (  ALL auditions require a completed Audition Registration.

  • Recorded Auditions:  Exceptional cases only, approval required.  Contact Professors Scolnik and Griffitt to request approval to substitute a DVD or online link(s) in place of the on-campus audition/interview. Approval must be obtained by January 15. Recorded materials (DVD/online link), must be received by February 1.
  • Submission of Recorded Auditions:  ALL submissions must include a completed Audition Registration.
    • Online Link(s):  Email to, include "Grad Audition - Piano" in the subject line.
    • DVDs:  Mail to the following address:

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