About Undergraduate Auditions

  • Undergraduate auditions take place on the 3rd & 4th weekends in January each year, for fall term admission.


  • Schedule your audition during November 15th - January 6th for enrollment consideration into UCI's upcoming fall term.

    • Example: Apply to UC Irvine during the November filing period, and schedule your audition for January between November 1st - January 6th; then audition in late January.


  • Vocal Arts - PRESCREEN AUDITION REQUIRED for undergraduate (incoming freshman & transfer) applicants:

    • Prescreening applies ONLY to undergraduate Vocal Arts applicants. Undergraduates include ALL incoming freshman and transfer students.

    • Repertoire Requirements are the SAME for both Prescreened Auditions AND those invited to In-Person Auditions in January.

    • The prescreening period for Vocal Arts is November 15th - January 6th.

    • Everyone gets a response! A​​​​​pplicants who pass the prescreen audition will receive an email invitation to schedule an in-person audition at the UCI campus in January. Those who do not will receive an email message explaining available options, should they wish to continue their pursuit of admission to UCI. ALL responses for prescreened auditions will be sent out at the same time, during December 16th - 20th, and the week of January 11th. 

    • Submit a Vocal Arts Prescreen Audition


  • How Auditions are Scheduled:

    • From our main Auditions page, click on the link to 'Schedule an Undergraduate Audition', then click the appropriate link for your instrument and follow the directions.

    • Applicants self-schedule their audition appointment via the provided link, and have the ability to cancel and reschedule, up until the scheduling deadline, January 6th.

    • All applicants will receive an email confirmation of their audition appointment shortly after self-scheduling (within 24 hours), as well as a reminder message in early January.

    • Cancellations and Rescheduling:

      • Availability for in-person audition appointments is limited to ONLY the dates and times listed via our scheduling links.

      • We strongly recommend applicants be mindful of personal commitments around audition dates when making in-person audition appointments. Availability is limited and we cannot guarantee that everyone who cancels an appointment will be able to reschedule. Ability to reschedule depends entirely on the remaining availability of appointments on designated audition dates.

      • Once all available appointments for a particular instrument have been filled, no further appointments will be made available. If no in-person audition appointments are available, the ONLY option for applicants will be to Submit a Recorded Audition.


  • Making Travel Plans:

    • Please DO NOT make travel arrangements (airfare, hotel, etc.) until your audition has been scheduled and confirmed. All applicants will receive an email confirmation of their audition appointment shortly after self-scheduling (within 24 hours).


  • What to Expect on Audition Day:

    • Auditions take place between 9:00am - 5:00pm on each audition day. Doors open at 8:30am for Registration.

    • Registration is REQUIRED upon arrival. Come to the Music Office front desk (Music & Media Bldg, 3rd Floor, Room 303).

    • Warm-up space is provided for all applicants. Time limits may be imposed to ensure all applicants have the opportunity to warm-up prior to their audition. Applicants should expect to be able to warm up for at least 15-20 minutes prior to their audition, but should NOT expect to be able to practice for long periods.

    • Piano Accompaniment is provided ONLY for Vocal Arts Auditions. Rehearsal with the accompanist is not possible; all music will be sight-read. Applicants for other (non-voice) instruments who want to bring an accompanist with the are welcome to do so. Please tell us if you have brought an accompanist when you register (upon arrival) and we will provide a warm-up space.

    • Orientation: Please join us for a UCI Music Orientation, offered on each audition date between 12:00pm and 1:00pm in our primary performance venue, Winifred Smith Hall. This event is BY current students, FOR prospective students. All applicants and their families are welcome!

    • Making the most of your visit to UCI: We hope you'll explore the campus while your're here, and offer the following links to help make the most of your visit.


  • In-Person vs. Recorded Auditions:

We strongly recommend applicants come for an in-person audition. While we understand not everyone will be able to travel here, prospective students who can make the trip are strongly encouraged to do so. The in-person audition is your chance to see the school, meet the faculty and ask questions, and meet current students. You'll get a real sense of what being a Music major at UCI is actually like at our UCI Music Orientation - a special hour-long event for prospective students and their families, which takes place on each audition date and is held at our primary performance venue, Winifred Smith Hall.

Applicants who cannot be here for an in-person audition may request a link to submit a recorded audition by emailing us.

Links for Recorded Auditions are ONLY for applicants who cannot audition in person.