Michael Dessen

MICHAEL DESSEN is a composer/trombonist who creates music for improvisers and explores technologies including [...]

Christopher Dobrian

CHRISTOPHER DOBRIAN is the director of the Gassmann Electronic Music Studio and the Realtime Experimental [...]

Mari Kimura

MARI KIMURA is a violinist, composer, researcher, and a leader in the field of interactive computer music. [...]

Lukas Ligeti

LUKAS LIGETI is a composer and improvisor (on drums and electronic percussion) whose work is informed by a [...]

Kojiro Umezaki

KOJIRO UMEZAKI is a performer of the shakuhachi, a composer of electro-acoustic works, and a specialist in [...]

Affiliated Faculty

Composition MICHAEL HOOKER, Professor of Drama, sound design and composition for theater ERIC LINDSAY, [...]