Ubutton ignore click

This example demonstrates a particular logical task: make one text clickable, and as soon as it is clicked upon, make it unclickable and set some other text to be clickable. In other words, have two texts, only one of which is clickable, and which swap their states whenever the clickable one is clicked.

Detokenizing Stream of Numbers

A Max user was having trouble detokenizing a stream of number. In this case, given a stream of number, he wanted to route the number immediately following a 8 to a first output, the number immediately following a 9 to a second output, the four numbers immediately following a 10 to a third output, and all the rest to a fourth output.

Match demo

Every number that comes in the left inlet of the match object—whether individually or as part of a list—gets used, in order, for the list-matching comparison. So, if it is looking for the list "1 1" and you send in lists "0 1", "1 1", "1 2", and "1 3" in that order, it’s as if match had received "1 0 1 1 1 2 1 3", and in that message it can find two matches for "1 1": at the 3rd and 4th items, and at the 4th and 5th items.

Turn files on and off

This example shows how you can turn on and off audio files with a single toggle –– as in swapping between one and the other. Since 1 is on and 0 is off, you can use a == 0 object to produce the opposite (to turn one thing off when you turn the other on and vice versa). This can be seen in action in the example on the left.

Inactivity Ramp

This example shows how to get the output of a slider object to slowly ramp back down to 0 after 10 seconds of inactivity. While in this example we used the slider object, the same result will hold with other objects.