Pack without Pack

Int, float, and list are all (normally hidden) message selectors that are assumed whenever Max encounters a message that consists of (respectively) a single int, a single float, or a multi-item message that starts with a number. Similarly, typing a single int, a single float, or any multi-item list that starts with a number directly into an object box assumes an object of type int (or i), float (or f), or list (or pack).

Remove spaces from list

The regexp object makes a list that expresses rules for text matching and substitution, using a format that is valid in many computer languages. For example, if you have a list of integers that you want to list with no spaces in between, you can use the substitution string %0 to replace the match with an empty string.

Interleave two lists

If you have two lists that you want to combine, you can do so using zl object with an argument lace. However, it will only output a list that is twice as long as the shorter of the two lists. Hence, it's best if the two lists are the same length.