Linear motion in two voices

Two oscillators, one in the left channel and one in the right channel, play notes that have a continuously changing frequency, at a continuously changing note rate. Every few seconds (some randomly-chosen number of seconds from 2 to 8) each of the two oscillators gets a new destination frequency and destination note rate, and heads toward those destination values over the next few (randomly-chosen number of) seconds.

Interpolation with line or line~

The line~ object outputs a signal and interpolates sample-by-sample from wherever it currently is to wherever you tell it to go, in the amount of time you specify. So, if it is currently sending out a signal value of 0.5 and you tell it to go to 0.8 in 10 ms, it will start going to 0.8 and get there in 441 samples (assuming a sample rate of 44,100), sending out signal values like 0.50068, 0.50136, etc. till it arrives at 0.8, then it will stay there till it gets a new message.