The Gassmann Electronic Music Studio is a facility for production and pedagogy of electronic, electroacoustic, and computer music, located in the Claire Trevor School of the Arts on the campus of the University of California, Irvine. The studio was made possible by a generous bequest from composer Remi Gassmann, and by funds from the UCI School of the Arts.

The Gassmann Studio is the first computer music facility to be installed at UCI, and is a Macintosh-based studio for digital recording and computer music composition. Computer music activity at UCI is also supported by many other facilities, including the Realtime Experimental Audio Laboratory (REALab), the Sound Studio (a.k.a. "the PhattBoxx"), the Music Recording Studio in the Contemporary Arts Center, the Classic Laboratory for Analog Sound Synthesis (CLASSic), the Music Collaboration Laboratory (ColLab), and the Arts Media Center.

The Gassmann Studio, the REALab, and the Arts Media Center support the courses Music 51: Music Technology and Computers (offered Fall Quarter), Music 147: Studies in Music Technology (offered Winter and/or Spring Quarter), Music 151: Computer Music Composition (offered Winter or Spring Quarter), and Music 152: Interactive Arts Programming (offered Winter or Spring Quarter). The facilities also support computer music composition and research by students and faculty of the Claire Trevor School of the Arts.

Some "vintage" electronic music synthesizers are set up for use in the Classic Laboratory for Analog Sound Synthesis (CLASSic) studio.

The GASSMANN ELECTRONIC MUSIC SERIES presents several electronic music events during each academic year, featuring some of the most interesting musicians and scholars in the field. The series includes concerts, lecture/demonstrations, and master classes.

The Gassmann Studio was originally founded and designed by Professor Christopher Dobrian, and is directed by Professor Michael Dessen.


Gassmann Electronic Music Series

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