Anthony Caulkins

Anthony Caulkins is an active composer and guitarist. Through his compositions, Anthony strives to create an [...]

Michele Cheng

Michele Cheng is an artistically and commercially trained composer. Michele started to compose and improvise [...]

Christian Dubeau

Christian became interested in composing when he was about 20 years old and almost immediately decided that [...]

Martim Galvao

Martim Galvão is a composer and percussionist.  He received his undergraduate degree from Emory University, [...]

Yunxiang Gao

I have the academic and artistic goals of becoming an accomplished composer. My high school and undergraduate [...]

Jesse Green

Speaking in 3rd person is too self-aggrandizing. I have my hands in a variety of musical cookie jars. Some of [...]

Ian Hattwick

Electronic guitarist Ian Hattwick wants to redefine the role of the performing musician.  He possesses a [...]

Michael Hernandez

Michael Hernandez was born in East Los Angeles to completely Mexican parents.  They may not have had their [...]

Martin Jaroszewicz

Martin Jaroszewicz became involved with music from early on formally studying guitar and theory at the [...]

Molly Jones

Molly Jones improvises on saxophones and flute and composes for improvising ensembles. Originally from [...]

Joe Knox

Hailing from the Mexican border fence of south San Diego, Joe Knox was the first of his family to be born in [...]

Michael Matthews

Michael Matthews (b. 1988) began piano lessons at age six because he was forced to by his parents. He cannot [...]

Jared Mattson

Jared was born in San Diego and has lived most of his life in Cardiff, California. He spent his high school [...]

Jonathan Mattson

Jonathan Mattson, born and raised in San Diego, California, is a drummer, composer, and improvisor who [...]

Faraz Minooei

Born in Tehran, Faraz Minooei began playing the santour at the age nine. While studying with Mr. Behnam [...]

Kelly Moran

Kelly Moran is a composer, producer, and pianist from Long Island, New York. She completed her undergraduate [...]

Isshin Oikawa

Isshin Oikawa was born in Japan and started piano lessons when he was 4 years old. Being in a brass band, he [...]

Josh Ottum

Josh Ottum holds an MFA in Integrated Composition Improvisation and Technology from UC Irvine and is [...]

Dhirendra Panikker

Dhiren Panikker is a freelance pianist, composer, and teacher in the Orange County/Los Angeles area. [...]
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