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Teerath Majumder

ICIT Photo

Teerath Majumder is a Bangladeshi composer with extensive training in Hindustani as well as Western classical music. Much of his output utilizes a hybrid of acoustic and electronic processes that may lead to a gradual and organized metamorphosis of sounds or aggressive and chaotic outbursts. His interest lies in creating works that address socio-political issues of our time. He believes art has a way of inducing a visceral reaction to matters that don’t often shake us in reality. His pieces often provide an interactive platform for the audience to get involved. Throughout his career, Teerath has sought and worked in various interdisciplinary projects. His compositions for dance, theatre, and films comprise a significant portion of his oeuvre.

Teerath completed his B.A. in Music with distinction from Middlesex University, London where he also received the Richard Turton Composition Award for his orchestral piece 5. During his final year of undergraduate studies, he interned under the music-tech company ROLI with which he went onto work for another year in Chennai, India. He also worked in the Tamil film industry intermittently between 2014 and 2018.